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Brow Lift (forehead lift)

Brow Lift (forehead lift)

Cosmetic Surgical Procedure

A Brow Lift elevates your eyebrows and rejuvenates your forehead by removing wrinkles. Methods include cosmetic surgery which is longer lasting and Botox which is temporary. The forehead and eye area are prone to developing wrinkles and sagging skin that can contribute to an aging, tired, and sad physical appearance.  In these cases, a Brow Lift can help a patient feel and look rejuvenated.


You will discuss your goals with Dr. Gewirtz and the specific details of your forehead and will choose the best cosmetic procedure. Your general health and eye health will be considered. Depending upon whether your eyelids are drooping in addition to the brows, eyelidplasty can be considered.


Local anesthesia, local anesthesia with sedation and general anesthesia are various options depending how extensive the procedure is. This is done in office, at a surgical center or outpatient center at the hospital.

Where is it Performed?

The limited procedures can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation while more extensive procedures require general anesthesia at either the surgical center or outpatient center at the hospital.

What is the Recovery?

You will have a surgical dressing and possibly a rubber drain with soothing iced sponges on your eyes. Most people are back to full social life and work within two weeks. Sun exposure is avoided for about a month.

Do I Need a Brow Lift?

Drooping eyebrows which make your eyes seem tired or even partially shut, and wrinkling of the skin, are reasons to have a Brow Lift. This cosmetic surgical procedure has been devised to rejuvenate a patient’s upper face.

Variations of Brow Lift

Coronal Brow Lift - uses an incision above your hairline in the scalp. Wrinkling is minimized and brows are lifted to a more youthful position. The incision is hidden in your hair and is best if you have a low forehead as it lifts the hairline.


Top of the forehead or hairline Brow Lift - uses a hairline incision at the top of your forehead. Similar treatment of wrinkling and brow position is done. This can lower a high forehead. The scar is fine and is hidden by your hair.


Endoscopic Brow Lift - uses small incisions and telescopic instruments. Scarring is minimal but the effect is shorter lasting.


Direct Brow Lift - done through an incision right above the brows. It is a lesser procedure but the scars can be more obvious.

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