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Fillers and Botox

Cosmetic Procedure

Dr Gewirtz uses injectables for fine wrinkling and volume loss. They are a temporary solution for someone who doesn’t feel ready for a more extensive procedure. Dr. Gewirtz administers all injectables  and will see you in follow up.

Types of Injectables

Fillers either function by filling a space, such as beneath a wrinkle or by inducing your body to produce its own collagen to fill a similar space. Most filling type injectables are based on hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring substance in body soft tissues such as the skin. The collagen inducers usually add something to the hyaluronic acid. 


Botox acts by weakening muscles that pull on the skin creating a wrinkle. 

Use of Fillers

Fillers can be used to fill in a depression such as a wrinkle or acne scar, soften a deepened naturally occurring facial crease, augment the lips and restore age related volume loss. They can also subtly lift areas that have sagged.

Brands of Injectables

Restylane - a hyaluronic acid derived filler that doesn't induce collagen formation. It has been used for many years to fill facial depressions and wrinkles. It is one of the thinner fillers and lasts six to twelve months. 

Juvederm - similar to Restylane from a different manufacturer.

Belotero - a very thin hyaluronic acid best used for the finest lines.


Radiesse - a collagen inducer used for deeper lines that need more plumping and lasts twelve to eighteen months.


Sculptra - an even thicker filler made from a substance similar to dissolvable sutures and is even longer lasting.


Botox - not a filler but temporary muscle relaxant. It acts by weakening a muscle that is causing a wrinkle. It is best used for the forehead, “eleven” lines above the nose and crows' feet.

Choice of injectables

Choice of injectables depends on specific goals and are often mixed in different areas at the same time.

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