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Lip Lift Cosmetic Surgery (Lip Augmentation)

Lip Lift

Cosmetic Surgical Procedure

Most peoples' lips thin with age and some are born with thin lips. This can be treated with a lip lift which is permanent or filler injections which last about six months.

Reasons to Have A Lip Lift

Along with thinning of the lips, some people don't expose any of their upper teeth when they smile.


At the first meeting, Dr. Gewirtz will discuss your concerns and if your anatomy would benefit from a lip lift, explain the use of fillers and the procedure. Some people start with fillers to be sure they like the effect of having a fuller, higher upper lip and proceed to the surgery after the filler resorbs.

The Surgery

Most people have local anesthesia as an office procedure unless it's done with something else such as a facelift. The incision is made in the natural crease at the bottom of the nose and is well hidden. The desired height of the lip at various points is marked. Tissue is then removed to heighten the lip and the tissues are approximated to lift the lip. It also tends to turn out the pink lower portion of the lip making it look fuller.


Minimal dressings are placed and you can bathe the next day. Sutures are removed at about five days. It's best to avoid hot, firm foods for about a week and Dr. Gewirtz recommends icing for at least two days as the lip tends to swell.

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