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Breast Augmentation (“Breast Enhancement”)

Cosmetic Surgical Procedure

Breast augmentation (“Breast Enhancement”), is done to restore volume, shape or symmetry with a natural appearance with minimal scarring. Dr. Gewirtz combines his aesthetic eye and surgical precision to obtain your optimal, proportional appearance. The result is individualized to your tastes and preferences.


During your extensive consultation your goals and preferences are discussed. Your medical history will be reviewed to assure you're a good candidate. The next step is to develop your personal treatment plan. The staff will help you feel comfortable and welcome.

The Procedure

Depending upon which procedure is selected, the surgery is performed at the surgical center or hospital as an outpatient. Anesthesia is provided by board certified anesthesiologists.


Round implants are symmetric and augment all parts of the breast (top vs. bottom) equally. Teardrop, or shaped implants augment the bottom more than the top of the breast. They mimic a slightly more mature breast.

Will A Breast Augmentation Lift My Breasts? 

Implant placement can lift the breasts about one inch. If more than that is desired, a breast lift can be considered and this is often part of a “mommy makeover”.

Silicone Vs. Saline

Both are commonly used with some differences. 

Saline implants are filled with saline (salt water solution) after the implants are inserted. This allows for smaller incisions and slightly more size variation. They can leak or rupture but saline is absorbed naturally by the body. Saline implants are somewhat more prone to visible rippling, particularly in thin women with large implants. 


Silicone implants are thought to look and feel more natural. They come prefilled by the manufacturer so require longer incisions. Like saline, they can leak so the manufacturer recommends routine MRI surveillance.  The newer type of gel, cohesive or “gummy bear” may have a slightly lower leak rate and feel more natural. 


The surgery lasts two hours and you will have on a surgical support bra. There is some pain and tightness but this is lessened with local anesthesia and nerve blocks by the anesthesiologist. Appropriate pain medication is prescribed to ensure your comfort.

Is There A Scar? 

Dr. Gewirtz minimizes scarring with small incisions and meticulous technique. Both common incisions have advantages and this will be discussed at your consultation. Effective postoperative creams are used to help minimize the scarring.

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