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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Cosmetic Surgical Procedure

Breasts can droop over time due to age, pregnancy, weight changes and genetics. Breast lift treats this by raising and reshaping the breasts and often making the areolas smaller without changing breast volume. This produces a more youthful, rounder breast and better balance with body shape. If larger breasts are desired., implants can be placed at the same time.


Discussion of how you see your breasts and the emotional impact will begin the discussion. Your goals and physical examination lead into a discussion of the types of mastopexy and which is best for you.

Types of Mastopexy

Crescent mastopexy is the excision of a crescent shaped segment of skin just above the areola. The scar is minimal but the size of the areola can't be reduced and the amount of lift is minimal. Circumareolar mastopexy is done through a circular incision around the whole areola. The areola can be reduced but the amount of lift is only slightly greater. Vertical mastopexy adds an incision from the bottom of the circumareolar incision to the bottom of the breast in the middle of the crease. This incision is often described as shaped like a lollipop. This produces more lift and skin tightening.
Standard mastopexy adds an incision horizontally along the skin crease at the bottom of the breast to the above lollipop pattern. This produces the most lifting and tightening. It is often referred to as an anchor mastopexy. Augmentation Mastopexy adds breast implant placement (either silicone or saline) to either the vertical or standard mastopexy. This adds volume to a breast that has shrunk or flattened and maximally tightens the skin.

Where is it Performed?

The limited procedures can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation while more extensive procedures require general anesthesia at either the surgical center or outpatient center at the hospital.

What is the Recovery?

You will be in a surgical brassiere after the procedure. Local anesthesia and nerve blocks moderate the pain, Dr. Gewirtz will prescribe appropriate pain medicine. Most women return to work after a week and contact sports and heavy lifting at about six weeks.

Can I Breast Feed After Mastopexy?

Most women can but the bigger incisions might reduce the chances.

Are There Scars?

The incisions are described above. Surgical technique and topical treatments help minimize the scars.

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