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Chin Augmentation

Cosmetic Surgical Procedure

Your profile depends upon a good balance between nose, forehead, and chin and the goal is to optimize that balance. Liposuctioning can be added to chin augmentation to accentuate the jawline.

Reasons to Have Chin Augmentation

A chin implant can make the chin look stronger and the lower face wider. If you have a serious imbalance in your bite such as an overbite, chin augmentation won't help. Consultation with an oral surgeon for surgery on the entire jaw might be warranted.

Details of the Procedure

Under either local, local with sedation or general anesthesia the implant is carefully placed through an incision inside the lip or in the skin just behind the chin. The internal incision is not visible but has a higher chance of infection due to bacteria in your mouth. Dr. Gewirtz usually recommends the external incision for that reason. It's also easier to more precisely place the implant.

What is the Recovery?

A compression dressing is placed and then removed at 48 hours. Patients usually return to work after a few days and contact sports are avoided for six weeks.

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